Société Samex

Founded in 1973 between Perche and Maine, the primary activity of Société d’Application de Matériel d’Extrusion was the design of equipment and tooling for the extrusion of plastic mesh.

Since the 80’s, the company has progressively turned towards the manufacture of products intended for use in the packaging, farming and road work sectors by further developing its already extensive and renowned know-how in this industry.

The aim of this strategic change was to obtain recognised certifications and protect industrial property rights in various activity sectors.

This strive for excellence has positioned our company since the year 2000 as a reference in the signalling of underground networks, protection of plants and specific farm produce packaging sectors.



SAMEX - 9 rue de la Fontaine - F-72600 Saint Vincent des Prés - Tél : +33 (0)2 43 97 48 53 - Fax : +33 (0)2 43 97 48 54

Public Works, warning mesh, warning device, warning facility, wire netting of beaconing for job sites, Networks buried, underground networks, work areas, hazardous areas, access areas, protective sheath, plastic films, Net, protection sleeve, conditioning, Packaging, Palletizing, Development areas green, Plant protection, Viticulture, wine growing, Arboriculture, orchard, Forestry, landscaping work, Plantations, Detection, Identification, Geo localisation networks.