We propose a complete system for the localisation, marking and mapping of underground networks and installations

 3M markers:

The 3M markers we have selected are passive aerials with no internal power supply which may discharge. The highly robust polyethylene box resists the minerals, chemicals and extreme temperatures often encountered below the surface. The electronic marking system is composed of long-life passive markers which may be placed above important installations during their construction or used to mark installations during maintenance. 

Several minutes is sufficient to learn to use the system and quickly locate the buried markers. 

The detector transmits a Radio Frequency signal to the marker which returns this signal to the detector and indicates its exact location on the screen and with an audible signal. 

These markers are proposed in the versions EMS (passive) or RFID (passive with individual ID and internal memory capacity) which may be programmed to include customer or network operator specific data. 

The 3M range we have selected is suitable for use under trench depth and width conditions varying between 60 cm and 2.40 m in depth.

Operating frequencies






66 ,35 KHZ


101,40 KHZ

121,60 KHZ

145,70 KHZ

Detection depth

Mini-markers : 60cm

ball : 1,50m

Plate : 2,40m


3 types of detectors :
    Detector 1420-ID :
    Detection frequency of RFID/EMS electronic tags.
    Ability to read and write RFID tags.
    Calculation of depth on RFID tags.
    Detector 2550 Series and 2550-ID Series, emitter 12 watts :
    This detector proposes the same functions as the 1420-ID with the addition of cable and pipeline detection
    Detector 2573 Series and 2573-ID Series, emitter 12 watts:
    This model proposes the same functions as the model 2550 with the addition of a network leakage detection function. 
    *3M reserves the right to modify, delete or upgrade the various products without prior notice

GPS receivers: 

In order to facilitate network geolocalisation and mapping operations we propose a range of handheld GPS devices compatible with the DYNATEL™ solutions.


* Technical characteristics may be modified without prior notice
* Photos not contractually binding


Identification and geolocalisation

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