A simple and efficient means of rendering networks detectable is to add a localisation device

We propose two solutions:

Installation of a stainless steel wire and standard warning netting

A sleeved stainless steel wire is placed at the base of the trench and is used to transmit an electric signal produced with a surface-located generator along the entire length of the underground network. 

It is then extremely easy to detect this signal and locate the network on a drawing with its depth using the appropriate appliance.  
The stainless steel wire placed at the base of the trench is less susceptible to damage by site machinery and the network remains nevertheless detectable 

Stainless steel wire in “long” reels  
Wire Ø Sleeve Ø Sleeve type Reel length Reel weight
0,8mm 1,5mm BLACK HDPE
2 410m 13kg
0,8mm 2,8mm GREEN HDPE 1 000m 9kg

In compliance with valid legislation, it is then sufficient to place a standard warning system over the top of the network.

Detectable warning systems

The warning facilities which have an incorporated stainless steel wire are placed over the pipes then connected together with a watertight connection to ensure continuity of the electrical current.

Manual installation
NF EN 12613

wire Ø 0.5 mm,
sleeve Ø 1.3 mm,
black PP
  Width (cm) 5 cm 10cm 20cm 30cm 50cm
  Length (m) 100 m 100m 100m 100m 100m

Our advises about detection in case of mechanized laying networks

On the big lengthes, we advise you to put a device standard detector over the network to be indicated, and to arrange the thread of detection in bottom of excavation (see for the detection of networks here).  

 Saving time :  The rolls of wire netting are less heavy and less voluminous, their handling is faster. Less time to spend to realize the connections of the stainless wire between reels
More reliability :  Delivered in big reels of great length, the stainless wire assures a better conduction of the signal of detection. 
More security :  Le fil inox, en fond de fouille, ne risque pas d'être sectionné au premier coup de godet d'un engin.
Saving money :  During the works, only the detectable device can be damaged because put over the network. It will then be replaced by a less expensive standard device. The stainless wire will not have suffered in bottom of excavation and the network remains detectable.  the stainless wire in bottom of excavation does not risk to be split by the first blow of gore of a machine. 




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