Quality Policy and Committment

As soon as his was created, The SAMEX company became involved in the constant improving of the efficiency of the entirety of the processes of the company so as to give a reponse to the expectations of the market and of the customers in the best economic conditions. 

This strategy means mobilizing the entirety of the company resources on the following axes : 

  • Quality and safety of the products
  • Optimization of the delivery time limits
  • Optimization of the cost so as to reenforce the quality/price ratio
  • Improvement of the customer service
  • Staying constantly tuned in of the expectations of our customers 

The certifications below are the guarantee of our committment in this global qualitative move. 


SAMEX - 9 rue de la Fontaine - F-72600 Saint Vincent des Prés - Tél : +33 (0)2 43 97 48 53 - Fax : +33 (0)2 43 97 48 54

Public Works, warning mesh, warning device, warning facility, wire netting of beaconing for job sites, Networks buried, underground networks, work areas, hazardous areas, access areas, protective sheath, plastic films, Net, protection sleeve, conditioning, Packaging, Palletizing, Development areas green, Plant protection, Viticulture, wine growing, Arboriculture, orchard, Forestry, landscaping work, Plantations, Detection, Identification, Geo localisation networks.