Thanks to an extensive know-how in the extrusion of plastic grids and
meshes and the use of innovative technologies,
the company SAMEX 
has developed a product range intended for
use in professional applications in
construction, road work, farming and industrial sectors.

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In order to respond to customer specifications or a
customer’s specific request, Samex is now offering a warning device with a wide central band, in conformity with EN 12613 standard. This allows for a wide range of HD printing (up to 50mm high letters)



Samex markets the first warning mesh for pipes of large section in compliance with NF EN 12613 norm!!
Samex offers a solution for marking by paint
aerosol of the buried networks.
Tracer wire detection
Detect, locate and identify continuously networks
Localization, identification and of geo referencing of buried networks:
Complete system to locate, mark and map your network and buried facilities. Read more...>>>
Mechanical protection of underground networks
Protection plates injected polyethylene, designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard EN 50520.
Read more...>>>

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