Deer :
Browsing, especially in winter and spring. Rubbing from July till October on until 20/25 cm in diameter. Stripping of the bark in winter and summer.

Roe Deer :
Grazing of shoots, especially in winter and spring. 80 cm rubbing. 

Hare :
Sometimes gnawing of the bark over 50 cm

Rabbit, Hare :
Grazing of shoots and gnawing of the bark

Small rodents :
Gnawing of the bark at the level of the neck and the roots. 

Coypu, Muskrat :
Gnawing of the bark in winter. 


Grazing :
The animal eats the buds and the lateral shoots. The plant forms a fork or multiple head the year after. 
Stripping : 
The animal tears away strips of bark along the trunk to eat them. The plant generally dies from it. 
Rubbing :
Cervids rub their antlers against young trees. The bark is partially pulled out, and, if, the tree heals, the sap is damaged

Some advice and precision about the use of the sheaths of protection SAMEX. 

Do not neglect the height of the protections : In the course of time, and thanks to the great adaptability of animals, hares and rabbits have learnt to "stand" to fetch shoots up to a height of more than 50 cm. 

Do not neglect the laying of the protections :

In some places exposed to violent wind, some precautions must be taken to make sure the protections are solid. Banks of roads or highways, open plains, etc.... It will be advisable to stick a good length of the stakes in the ground, and, in the worst of cases, to put staples about twenty centimeters long at the base of the protection to maintain it on the ground. These staples will also prevent the rodents from lifting the protection. 

The open protection :
Many plantations are made without thinking of the damage that animals can provoke, to save what can be saved, the open protection can be put with its stakes. 

The double protection protection :
The full skirt protects the low part of the plant and its roots against weed-killers while allowing aeral treatments in the upper part. What's more, the fine and perfectly smooth meshes of the high part allow the growth of adventives branches upwards. 

The Windbreaker protection :
It prevents the plant from getting too dry because of the wind. Two vertical strips allow for goog rigidity. 

The SAMEX mesh :
The choice was made of a type of flat mesh, to offer an effective protection in all respects. The inside of the SAMEX protections is perfectly smooth and favors the growing of the shoot upwards. The very fine meshes prevent the shoots from growing through the protections. It also prevents the antlers of the cervids from tearing the protections.


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